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  • Q: Who gets help from your classes?


    While every living thing can benefit from the instruction of HealingPAQ, our classes are especially helpful for those who struggle with chronic diseases, terminal diseases, emotional challenges, financial challenges, or those who suffer from stressful schedules, such as doctors, psychologists, lawyers, and other service providers.

  • Q: Where does the philosophy behind your program come from?


    While we do not claim any one specific tradition as the foundation of HealingPAQ, the roots of much of what we teach come from Daoism, Sufism, Gnosticism, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, eastern and western medical sciences. In addition, our practical teachings trace back to two great masters, Ostad Hadi Parvarandeh and Master Quan. Though no longer with us, these two great men with other ascended masters, and archangels, continue to be a guiding influence on the practices of HealingPAQ.

    Learn more here.

  • Q: Are you a religion?


    HealingPAQ loves and respects all religions. However, the teachings here are built upon the traditional wisdom of the religions, particularly Daoism, Sufism, Gnosticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Abrahamic religions. Many who have taken our classes, and who are from religious backgrounds, find that the principles discussed in our class, like love, joy, peace, compassion, mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual intention, fit easily into their existing spiritual practices.


    We look at the world’s great spiritual masters as pushing forward in trying to define the same spiritual truth. All religions, in essence, seek to explain humanity’s connection to The Divine, which is exactly what we seek to help you achieve with every breath that arise from you loving yourself. The universe is a continual source of healing energy; HealingPAQ teaches you to go directly to the source.

  • Q: Is it really possible to heal myself and others through the principles described in your courses?


    An important part of being a healthy individual is remaining in-tune with the natural energy of the universe. In our classes, you will learn how to speak joy and compassion into illnesses, which has been found to significantly improve recovery for a range of dis-eases.


    While setting your intentions through mindfulness training and guided meditation to serve yourself with love, joy, peace, and compassion is the source of all health, we stress that HealingPAQ’s principles are not substitutions for medical treatment. All information, suggestions, techniques, services, products, and technologies offered by HealingPAQ Inc. are NEVER intended to diagnose or treat a disease. The information on this website is not meant to replace the advice, consultation, and treatment of trained medical professionals. YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for how you understand and use all content shared.

  • Q: Can I create self generating discomfort and Disease?


    Throughout the Universe there is infinite potential within every single base particle. The building blocks of anything have the energetic potentiality to manifest themselves to be anything they want. It is by agreement and similar intention that particles come together to create something, whether that thing is a tree, a dog, a human or a disease. Energy follows intention. In the Divine plan, the possibilities are endless. A seed from a tree may fall on fertile ground and become another tree. It might fall into the crack on the sidewalk and be seen as a weed. Some may see this as failure or a mistake. However, there are no mistakes in the Divine plan, only potentialities. The fact that the seed sprouted at all in the sidewalk under the harshest conditions and survived without proper nutrition and water is a gift and proof of the Divine hand in creation. It is a reminder to humanity to see green life and thereby that it fulfilled its plan.


    Humans also have the same unlimited potentiality. There are countless cells within each human. You have unlimited potential and your energy will follow your intention. Certain cells respond to certain energetic vibrations. For example, the energetic vibration of worry, nervousness, irritation, anger and other negative emotions create a vibration. Human body cells come together that are in agreement with that vibration. Cells following these less productive vibrations will come together and cause disease within the body. Conversely, vibrations of calm, peace, joy, love will call forth other cells that are in agreement with this vibration and will cause more productive outcomes for the body. Cells following these more productive vibrations will come together and provide health within the body. Your thoughts and intentions will impact your emotional perception, which produces a healthy or diseased environment for your cells to grow.


    You may be perfectionist in nature. You may also have other characteristics according to your nature. You may tend to worry or obsess about things and this is counterproductive to your overall desire for good health. When humans feel good, health goes on the back burner and other things become more important. When humans have some discomfort, and are reminded of health as a priority, they turn their attention back to health. This is true of most human beings. We see this differently for humanity and we would suggest a redefining of purpose. We suggest that people create a mental filter through which all thoughts, deeds, and/or speech flows through. The filter should be something like the following:

    “Does this thought, word or deed vibrate in harmony with health or does it vibrate with disease?”


    If whatever you are considering vibrates with health then proceed. You can apply this to many things such as thoughts, working constantly, food choices, deed, speech and anything else daily. We encourage you to embrace health rather than avoiding disease. Embracing health is a healthy vibration. Trying to avoid disease focuses on the problem and keeps it active in your consciousness. Leave disease behind and move forward with health. Do you see the difference?

  • Q: Do you have scientific evidence for your teaching?


    Yes, we are involved with neuroscience scientific research to quantify the influence of self-healing and distance healing on the human brain using EEG (electroencephalogram), fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), and Cortisol tests. We invite and support any research center interested in conducting evidence-based research.

    Learn more here.

  • Q: Do I have to do anything special to be present in a state of love, joy, peace, and compassion?


    Your birth on earth has given you the right and free subscription to proactively and continuously benefit from flowing in the divine river of love, joy, peace, and compassion. HealingPAQ will help you to retrain and reprogram your viewpoint so you can proactively become more efficient in dealing with your daily challenges. We have health, wealth, and happiness challenges daily and we need to stay fully super-charged to overcome them in the most effective way.

  • Q: Why do I overreact in stressful situations?


    The “Fight or Flight” state of your brain is extremely efficient when you are caught in a life-threatening situation—where someone is about to harm you physically. However, when you use that part of your brain in stressful conditions that are not life threatening, such as being stuck in traffic, arguing with someone over a subject then you are exerting too much pressure on your brain. Once you put too much unnecessary pressure on the brain then the efficiency of your brain is lowered, and you’re less able to function.

  • Q: How can I make my actions more proactive and less reactive?


    Everyone naturally practices a certain way of thinking, feeling, and acting as they grow and develop. For various reasons, you may overuse your “fight or flight” state of your brain. When this reactive part of your brain is overused, you increase your level of stress, anxiety, and depression, and decrease your ability to practice love, joy, peace, and compassion. Thankfully, you are able to actively reprogram your thoughts, emotions, and deeds so that you can use your brain more effectively and efficiently. Once you learn to improve your brain efficiency, you may experience more happiness, peace, self-control, intelligence. Overall you start experiencing a more proactive life, since you are using your brain and heart in a higher state of harmony and balance.

  • Q: How does self-healing help the planet earth?


    You have great spiritual potential. Applying HealingPAQ self-healing practices will enhance your potential and help you emit more light to yourself. When you emit light to yourself, you will naturally benefit our troubled planet earth. Those who have intense concentration and commitment to Divinity are able to call forth an immense amount of energy, and then radiate it inward to yourself and outward to others. This is helpful when people focus on Earth-Humanity healing. You can call forth a significant amount of Divine energy and send it into the Earth. It is your help that will make a difference in Earth-Humanity global healing.


    You can do wonders on the practical side of Earth-Humanity global healing if you choose to do it. When you are well connected and maintain a good network you can make great headway in spreading the information. This of course is your choice. In other words, it is your “Free Will.” Divine loves you and values your spiritual awakening as well as your practical gift of healing yourself, and Earth-Humanity globally.

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