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About Vibrational Sites


One of the central ways to deepen self-understanding and the connection with The Divine is through an understanding of vibrational sites, or states. These sites are nothing more than a way of sensing, hearing, or visualizing the vast range of vibrational energy that makes up our universe. At your higher frequencies, you are able to feel The Divine and achieve healing more easily; and as you progress down the spectrum, the lowest frequencies contain all manner of dis-ease energy. Most humans inhabit the mid-range frequencies, with the potential to move up or down, based on your thoughts, words, and deeds. Through practice, guided meditation to be present in love, joy, peace, and compassion, and by simply asking with clear intention, you are able to sense these higher vibrational sites more easily in your daily activity. HealingPAQ classes take you on a tour being present at these vibrational states.

Raising your consciousness


Through intentionality, you are able to “tune in” to higher frequencies in the form of the following vibrational sites. In describing these sites, we are not talking about physical places—the descriptions we use simply helps you to practice these concepts, and thus to set your intention toward achieving your birth right to be present in your higher consciousness.

Perception of these states vary widely based on your background and beliefs. Also, there is no right or wrong way to perceive them. Some prefer to visualize physically entering these states, while for others, simply stating your intentions to enter them verbally is enough. As with most things, what is important is commitment to progress and sincerity of intention.

The Diamond

Accessing the Diamond at the start of the meditation state, and being present in love, joy, peace, and compassion is a helpful process for enhancing communication with The Divine. Within the Diamond, thoughts and emotions are magnified; because of this, it is important to enter in a healthy state of mind.

The Diamond can be considered a communication portal that helps you to access the higher vibrational sites. Also, entering the Diamond is helpful for healing yourself and others, as your energy and intentions are magnified.

To access the Diamond:


  • Set your intention to be present in the Diamond

The Crown

In conjunction with the Diamond, the Crown of Energy connects you with The Divine angelic realm. In contrast with the Diamond, your Crown of Energy is divinely given to you when you request it, and stays with you as long as you acknowledge its presence.

  • The Crown clears your heart chakra, allowing you to better connect with angelic energies.


  • Remembering and acknowledging your crown throughout the day keeps you connected to The Divine while taking care of your daily tasks.


  • Acknowledging and wearing your crown while sleeping makes sleep more restful and restorative.


  • And of course, remembering and acknowledging your Crown at the beginning of meditation makes the time more productive, allowing you to more easily access other vibrational sites.

To ask for your gift the Crown from Archangel Metatron:

  • Set Your intention to be present in the diamond.


  • You can ask for your gift the Crown from Archangel Metatron the first time that you enter the Diamond.

Tree of Life

In the Tree of Life, you may fully experience Divine, unconditional love and compassion. Gaining access to the Tree of Life is nothing less than accessing the source of love and compassion within your heart for you, and for all beings in the universe.

The tree of Life is a symbolic representation of the unlimited source of unconditional love and compassion. It is useful to visualize its roots and branches extending to all corners of the universe—connecting yourself, others and the living Earth.

To access the healing and rejuvenating energy of the Tree of Life:


  • Set your intention to enter the Diamond.


  • Be aware of your crown


  • Set your intention to be present in the Tree of Life.

Temple of Masters

The Temple of Masters is the elevated state of consciousness where you gain access to the Ascended Masters. These are the spiritual leaders of all cultures and traditions, such as Buddha, Rumi, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, and many more. As these masters demonstrated while physically on Earth, they are still passionate about serving and helping you access divine knowledge and wisdom. They love to serve you, helping you gain access to your birth right: free subscription to the flowing River of love, joy, peace, and compassion at all times, especially during challenges.

Asking for their assistance through entering the Temple of Masters is a great way to gain peace, balance, support, healing, and guidance to stay supercharged and energized instead of draining yourself. Your experiences differ based on your comfort level, intentions, and state of development.

To access the Temple of Masters:


  • Set your intention to enter the Diamond.


  • Be aware of your crown.


  • Simply state your intention to communicate with the Divine Masters and access their energy and knowledge.

Temple of Knowledge

The Temple of Knowledge is a powerful vibrational state that allows access to every thought, word, deed, and state of health that has ever been. Accessing it can be compared to accessing Google or other search engines to learn more about a subject.


When you are confronted with difficult tasks and problems in daily life, accessing the Temple of Knowledge can give you insight into the best way to proceed. Because all information is stored in the Temple of Knowledge you are able to access information need for your development. With the help of the Ascended Masters, accessing the Temple of Knowledge grants you access to this information.


To access the Temple of Knowledge:


  • Set your intention to enter the Diamond.


  • Be aware of your crown.


  • Simply set your intentions to access the Temple of Knowledge. Ascended masters will help guide you to the information that is appropriate for you.

Temple of Angels

This vibrational site allows access to the Archangels, and angelic realm mentioned in many religions. Archangels have long stood as messengers and servants of The Divine—those who understand and provide that service to others are of the highest honor. Thus, for those with the intention of helping others, the Temple of Angels is a worthy destination.


People experience the Temple of Angels differently, and there is no wrong way to experience the act of being present in that state. To some, it is simply perceived as a supportive state of wellbeing. Still others report getting direct messages. It all depends on your comfort level, intentions, and state of development.


  • To access the Temple of Angels:


  • Set your intention to enter the Diamond.


  • Be aware of your crown.


  • Simply state your intentions to sense the energy of the Temple of Angels.

Mountain of Light

In many traditions, there are stories of spiritual masters retreating to the mountains to cleanse themselves from the distractions of the world, and to reconnect with The Divine. This vibrational site, the Mountain of Light, is used in exactly the same way.


The Mountain of Light, allows you to access deeper states of love, Joy, peace, and compassion by cultivating it within yourself. Meditating in that state allows you to transform dis-eased emotions associated with the ego into their healthier counterparts. By releasing or transforming dis-ease, your connection to The Divine becomes stronger. A place of inner retreat, the Mountain of Light allows you to rejuvenate, cleanse, and heal yourself from arrogance through Divine compassion.


To access the Mountain of Light:


  • Set your intention to enter the Diamond.


  • Be aware of your crown.


  • Simply state your intention to be present in the Mountain of Light.

City of Light

As with any city, once you enter the City of Light, you come into direct contact with the culture. In the City of Light, the culture is centered around healing services.


Cultivating a Divine connection is essential to getting the most from the City of Light. It is good practice to cleanse yourself from arrogance in the Mountain of Light first so you can further heal your body, thoughts, and emotions in the City of Light. Also, unlike the Mountain of Light and other vibrational sites, it is best to ask to be invited by the inhabitants of the City of Light to gain welcome entrance.


Once in contact with the city’s residents, you will find that they are excited and engaged to assist you in your requests, helping you with the important work of healing yourself from the physical, mental, and emotional dis-eased states. They also help you to amplify your energy for healing yourself and others.


To access the City of Light:


  • Set your intention to enter the Diamond.


  • Be aware of your crown.


  • Request access from the inhabitants of the city. Ask Archangel Metatron and the residence of the city to escort you. You will be able to communicate with the inhabitants and access the energy and knowledge available to you.
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