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About HealingPAQ


At HealingPAQ, we have dedicated the past three decades to learning and
teaching the art and science of self-healing, and distance healing. We offer a
range of classes designed to teach the essentials of mindfulness, meditation,
and energetic healing.


A more connected,
and energized world.


Healing humanity
and the earth


Intention / Healing / Compassion

Our Team

Amean Hameed

Instructor, Healer

Amean (pronounced: a-mean) is the founder of HealingPAQ, a non-profit educational foundation rooted in Divine intelligence and healing energy. Synthesizing the central concepts of Eastern and Western medicine, HealingPAQ promotes each individual’s unique connection with the Divine.

Since 1988, he has cultivated the ability to communicate with Divine intelligence, Archangels, and Ascended Masters for healing oneself and others by opening the heart to divine love, joy, peace, and compassion. He has studied, practiced, and integrated a range of traditional systems, including Sufism, Taoism, the Chakra system, and physiology, in order to promote the art and science of healing.

Eamen Hameed

Instructor, Trainer, and Coach

Eamen’s (pronounced: ea-men) exposure and training in metaphysics started back in the 1990s with encouragement from his brother and teacher Amean. His interest peaking, with the death of their good father. Eamen is a dedicated practitioner in Qi-Gong, Tai Chi, Buddhism, Sufism, Christian Meditation and New Age practices. He’s an eternal student and teacher on a self-healing spiritual journey.

In the mid-2000s, Eamen helped Amean create HealingPAQ, a non-profit organization to teach and spread the art and science of energy healing and connecting to The Divine. He believes that the Universe has a sense of humor, and often helps in unexpected ways by drawing our attention to what we need in life. He believes it is our birth right to be successful at what we choose to do, and when we live from the heart, with sincere intention, it becomes possible to share our joy and gift of living.

Marilyn Kapp

Instructor, Channeler

Marilyn Kapp is a professional channeler and spiritual medium, specializing in connecting individuals with loved ones that are no longer with us. Spiritual communication provides strength to those grieving or coping with a loss, and ability to go forward with their lives with a new perspective. Sessions are conducted with people from all walks of life, individually, and in small family groups. Marilyn has also shared her gift with larger groups speaking to high school classes and in seminars.

Marilyn provides insight on how to be aware of the ongoing communication that exists between you and your loved ones. This affords ample opportunity to address unresolved issues as well as the ability to move forward with the knowledge that love and understanding continue to grow. Marilyn is continually grateful to be utilized for spiritual reunion and healing.

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The Science of Healing
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Although benefits such as increased quality of life is reason enough to try Self-Healing, the science behind the results is just as compelling.

HealingPAQ sponsors and performs experiments in the field of neuroscience using EEG, fMRI, and cortisol tests, in an attempt to measure the effect of self-healing and distance healing on the human brain.

Ongoing experimentation in this area with EEG (electroencephalogram) scans have shown remarkably consistent results:


  •  The self-healing guided meditation audio increased the brain wave activities, from brain beta waves to brain gamma waves. The observed rate of change was more than three times from the baseline brain beta wave = 19 HZ to brain gamma wave = 58 HZ


  • The distance healing video improved the brain wave activities from brain beta wave to brain gamma waves. The observed rate of change was more than four times from the baseline brain beta wave = 19 HZ to a remarkable gamma wave of 87 HZ.


HealingPAQ classes consist of the same practices and materials that caused these increases in gamma waves, and allow you an opportunity to experience the increased brain activity first-hand.


Research has suggested that increased brain gamma waves results in a range of health benefits:


  • Compassion
  • Happiness
  • Intelligence
  • Self-control
  • Optimism and confidence
  • Feeling present or “in the zone”

HealingPAQ invites, supports, and sponsors university and college research institutes who are interested in adding to the body of research on the benefits of “act of kindness”, and expressing love to yourself and others using techniques such as meditation, self-healing, and healing others from any distance. It is a field of study that is incredibly rich in potential.



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Two incredibly influential people in the Life of HealingPAQ have been Ostad Hadi Parvarandeh of Iran and Master Quan from China. These two great men continue to be a guiding influence on the practices of HealingPAQ.

Ostad Hadi Parvarandeh

Born in 1926, Ostad Parvarandeh dedicated his life to promoting the practice of energy healing. Before passing away in Torrance, California 1997, Ostad Parvarandeh was able to improve the lives of thousands of people, as well as helping to further the understanding of healing.


Though many years have passed since his death, Ostad Hadi continues his teaching and training, and continues to influence the work we do at HealingPAQ.


Learn more about the life and practices
of Ostad Hadi Parvarandeh here

Master Quan

A true master in the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism and Buddhism, as well as the art of qigong, Taiichi, and Kung Fu, Master Quan lived in China until his passing away in 1993. During his life, he dedicated himself to cultivating qi (chi) and purifying one’s virtue through diligent practice. Master Quan’s teaching focuses on healing the self and the living Earth using the traditional acupuncture meridian and chakra systems.


Though many years have passed since his death, Master Quan continues his teaching and training, and continues to influence the work we do at HealingPAQ.

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