Your Crown of Energy

Buy Diamond & Crown Self-Healing AudioThe Crown of Energy is a tool available to all to raise their energetic state and vibration. When you set your intention to access and use the crown, it lifts your vibration. It can be used and is available to you simply by asking. 

Archangel Metatron created the crown as a gift for humanity and is the keeper of all crowns of energies. This tool was an ancient gift to humanity which has been brought back. It heals, awakens, purifies, and absorbs negativity by calling in the angelic energies and presence.

It also cleanses and opens your 3rd eye, the crown chakra and connects both to the angelic energies. It provides better access to God and Divine since it reduces self-generated blockages.

You only need to request the Crown once. When it is bestowed, it is entrusted to you indefinitely as long as you maintain your spiritual intention, integrity and focus.

How to Get There

Enter the diamond communication portal and request your Crown of Energy from Archangel Metatron. Patiently await the experience.

How to Use It

After receiving your Crown, it can be helpful to acknowledge wearing it prior to each meditation and remind yourself that you have a connection to Divine through your crown:

  • Start your meditation
  • Request your crown and become aware of it.
  • Remember and wear your crown when performing your daily activities
  • Be aware of your crown when communicating with other formless or physical beings
  • Wear your crown when asking for healing energy to practice self being
  • Wear your crown when practicing distance healing for others and living earth
  • Wear your crown when going to sleep

Diamond & Crown Self-Healing Audio

Listen to and practice this self-healing technique and guided meditation.


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