Start Here

Learning is fun when mixed with love, joy, peace and compassion. At healingPAQ, we have been learning and teaching the art and science of self-healing globally since mid-2000s.

Steps listed below, in the order listed, are the easiest approach to produce the best results based on our many years of practical experience, sharing, learning, and teaching. And we wish you the best, YOU DESERVE IT big time.

1. Practice breathing.

2. Choose loving thoughts or prayers.

3. Set your intention.

4. Get one-on-one help to experience what is possible quickly and easily.

5. Take the self-healing class to learn to help heal you.

6. Practice, practice, practice: use our divine healingPAQ shows and guided meditation available 24/7.

7. Take the distance healing class (intermediate and advance practitioners) to help heal others.

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