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Learn to Heal Yourself    5-Star Reviews

  • Fall semester: Sunday September 9th, 2018; 8 - 10am Pacific Time (UTC/GMT -7:00)

  • By telephone + free audio recordings + life-time membership + scholarships.

What is Healing? 

  • Use love to heal yourself.
  • Trust you can love yourself first.
  • Help and heal the organs that are asking for your attention.
  • Transform your pain and discomfort into healthier states for physical healing.
  • Acknowledge your emotions and use joy, peace, and happiness for emotional healing.
  • Tap into your unique connection to the Divine for spiritual healing.
  • Accept what is, come to peace with it, hug it, hold it, and massage it into it's healthy state.

To Heal Yourself, learn & practice to:

  • Guide your emotions & thoughts.
  • Have faith in you & your precious healing gifts.
  • Be compassionate & pay attention to your healing.
  • Use love to overcome pain, headaches, stress, anxiety, and other challenges.

Many people practice self-healing and experience joyous, vibrant, disease-free health. You can too! Register to learn the art & science of self-healing. Our integrative approach combines body physiology and the energetic pathways to circulate love, joy, peace, and compassion through your body nourishing your organs, emotions, and thoughts.

What is Self-Healing?

Self-healing is to:

    • Learn, practice and teach foundations of healing yourself.
    • Develop inner knowledge and build trust starting with self.
    • Practice what is good for healing - practice makes perfect.
    • Discover your vast and unlimited universe, resource, and capabilities.
    • Take a small step at a time, continually & forward, using testable and repeatable processes.

Self-healing and living start within us. Everyone is unique and as such has a different way of approaching and handling life. Recognizing, trusting and depending on ourselves and the process of self-healing and self-improving are greatly accelerated when we have loving and trusted guides in life that not only use Divine knowledge but also teach it.

Would you like to rely on your magnificent Divine-Healing powers to

heal yourself saving time and money?


Transform your HEALTH! Transform YOU!


Join this live, interactive workshop and virtual class, conducted over the telephone like a conference call, to spread health, happiness, and support your cause. Learn how to:

    • Integrate the knowledge of Eastern Medicine and Human Physiology for healing
    • Discover your individual connection to Divine knowledge of love, joy, peace and compassion
    • Strengthen your unique connection to Divine through your heart to benefit yourself and others
    • Learn the relationships of your human energy system and earth chakra for Global healing
    • Tap into universal common consciousness of all beings
    • Optimize your connection to Divine healing energy
    • Ask for help and support from ascended masters and archangels
    • Discover techniques to connect yourself to the tree of life to charge yourself with unconditional love, and compassion
    • Direct divine healing energy towards the subjects of your interest effectively
    • Share your intuition, knowledge and wisdom globally

What to Expect

Expect to enjoy and have fun helping yourself, your loved ones, humanity, and Living Earth

  • No driving - call in and attend from anywhere in the world
  • Nine 2-hour classes scheduled on consecutive Sunday mornings
  • Enroll ONCE you Attend for Life! Life-time class enrollment which you may retake at anytime
  • Recorded classes which can be listened to at your convenience
  • Never miss a class – simply listen to the recorded session to make up a class
  • Weekly class materials and downloads
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if not fully satisfied!

Outline and Agenda


  1. Physical healing - Power of joy heals us at the cellular level. Energy healing and discussion of experiences.
  2. Physical healing - Balancing our ego and survival with our heart and soul, and our advancement and intelligence to manage our daily challenges.
  3. Physical healing - Circulating our breath through Chinese Meridian lines - Acupuncture points to keep ourselves charged up.
  4. Physical healing - Circulating our breath through our body energy lines to stay healthy and happy.
  5. Thought healing - Managing, guiding our thoughts, and circulating our favorite prayer through our body for healing. Good thought, Good speech, and Good deed to healyourself.
  6. Emotional healing - Exchanging energy with our family, friends, and our environment.
  7. Emotional healing - Nourishing our organs, our thoughts, and our emotions with love, joy, peace, and compassion to pro-actively manage our life.
  8. Channeling Session - Communicate with ascended masters, archangels, our ancestors, and our descendants to get help and support.
  9. Earth / Humanity energy relationship - Guided meditation based on the relationship between our body energy (acupuncture meridian lines) and earth chakra to access more healing energy.

Financial concerns shall not be a reason for you to miss the opportunity to learn and practice healing yourself. Financial aid is available upon request; send an email to


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