Mountain of Light

Buy the Journey to Mountain of Light AudioMountain of light is a sacred and vibrational state within us. We can access deeper states of love, joy, peace and compassion from this state. It is a safe, peaceful and still state that exists in every physical being and we are encouraged to cultivate it. We are encouraged to develop it in any manner most comfortable for us and return to it for meditation and stillness often.

Emerald Mountain is an energetic and vibrational state within the universe. When present on Emerald Mountain we can cleanse our being of all that we do not need. We meditate there to transform our negative emotions, ego, and arrogance into their positive counter parts. The more negativity we release, the stronger our Divine connection becomes. Emerald Mountain is a gateway to cleansing and transforming negative emotions. It is not a final destination, it is a stepping stone in the process of releasing and healing built up negative energies.

How to Go There

Divine recommends for us to enter the Diamond and then request access to mountain of light and Emerald Mountain. Once here, state your intent to access the energy and knowledge available.

How to Use It

  • Go to the Mountain of Light or Emerald Mountain when you meditate
  • When taking a showers or bating, go to the Mountain of Light and Emerald Mountain to cleanse yourself
  • Request access to Mountain of Light and Emerald Mountain for healing self, others, and the living Earth
  • Sleep in the Mountain of Light and Emerald Mountain energetic states.

Journey to Mountain of Light Audio

Coming Soon: Listen to and practice this self-healing technique and guided meditation.


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