The Diamond

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Diamond is a communication portal. It amplifies and magnifies thought and communication. It is important to enter it in a positive state of mind because thoughts and emotions are magnified here. You will experience the reflection and manifestation of your thoughts and emotions whether they are positive or negative. Ascended Masters and higher beings often use the Diamond as a checking in point to get information about living Earth, to gather, and to send healing energy to living Earth.

How to Go There

To access the Diamond, say your chosen prayer three times, ask for assistance from Divine. Set your intention and state that you are now entering the Diamond. Visualizing yourself doing this is helpful if that is a comfortable practice for you. If visualization does not come easily for you, simply stating your intention is sufficient. Accessing the Diamond at the start of meditation enhances communication with Divine and with the Ascended Masters.

The Diamond is also a good place to be when sending healing energy because the intention and energy sent are magnified.

How to Use It

  • Go to the Diamond when you meditate
  • Ask for healing energy for self and others in the Diamond
  • Sleep in the Diamond to improve your experience of this vibrational site
  • Go to the diamond when communicating with others

Diamond & Crown Self-Healing Audio

Listen to and practice this self-healing technique and guided meditation.


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