Vibrational Sites

Vibrational sites & states are energy states we live in and resonate with. There is a continuum of energetic existence and waves from low frequency vibration to high frequency vibration. Divine is at the highest end and at the low end, is negativity in all of its forms. Humans tend to be somewhere in the middle with the constant choice to move up or down on this continuum.

Vibrational sites we use are:

Ascended Masters from various philosophical, religious and intellectual backgrounds and Archangels are energy vibration like all other beings. They have learned to work and serve Divine at a higher vibration but they are not so different from humans. The distance between the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Humans and God is not so great. It is all about raising vibrational frequency. They love God. They love humanity. They are here to serve and to help. However, they can only help when we ask for their help. We, humans will need to release all fear and doubt. We alone control our perceptions and how we allow them to help us based on our Free Will. We all have our own direct connection with Divine and if we choose to strengthen our connection and ask for Divine help and support then the Ascended Masters and Archangels may receive Divine permission to assist.

The higher vibrational states are more easily accessed through meditation. Meditation quiets the rational mind and allows the Heart and Soul to take the lead. The Heart and Soul are the connecting links to the higher vibrational states and to God or Divine.

Humanity has been offered tools to grow spiritually. The first, most basic tool is meditation. Meditating enables us to access other tools or vibrational states for greater awareness of Divine and Ascended Masters in Spirit.

As these tools are discussed, keep in mind that they are not physical places. They are vibrational states or waves that are accessed by quieting the mind and raising the consciousness and by having a specific intent to reach these states.

Ascended Masters and Archangels assist individuals who are sincere in their path toward Divine in realizing these different vibrational states. Ascended Masters, Archangels, and many beings of Light cooperate and collaborate with one another for the benefit of all beings living together in a state of love and compassion, peace, happiness and Divine unity.

Each of these states, as discussed here, will likely be perceived somewhat differently by each individual based upon their belief system. There is no wrong way to perceive. Please do not waste time and energy comparing your experiences to others. Everyone is at a different place in their development. Trust that your experiences are right for where you are and will expand as you grow spiritually. Simply state your intention as you enter meditation, ask for assistance and guidance, and trust the process.

These are vibrational states that you may return to at will any time. Ascended Masters and higher beings note and recognize your vibration and energy. They help you and welcome you to come for peace, for recharging, for balance, for support, for healing and for guidance.


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