Trust and Connect

Okay. Just for the basics—for your own purposes then—channeling can take on a lot of different forms. Some body full body channel where the spirit inhabits them, some people do it differently; the way that I do it is I get into a kind of meditative state and I hear… it’s sort of like I hear in my head not audio-torially; I hear it in my head as a thought and then I often I have to break that thought down into English. So that’s why sometimes ...

Guidance on: 

Create the Space, Faith, Human DNA is Changing, Stillness, Trust Develops as a Matter of Faith, Trust Divine and Connect to Divine

Guidance by: 

  • Jesus Christ (Sananda), 
  • Mary Magdalene, 
  • Master Quan, 
  • Mother Mary,
  • Ostad Parvarandeh, 
  • Prophet Mohammed, 
  • Quan Yin, 
  • Rumi, 
  • Shams, 
  • Shiva
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