Tree of Life

Buy the Journey to Tree of Life AudioTree of Life is an energetic state that emits divine love and compassion to all beings of the universe. Love and compassion are essential denominators for all layers of existence including self, others, living earth, all beings within universe and the divine. Tree of Life is a symbolic representation of the divine energy source and has guardians.

We go here to rejuvenate and access unlimited love and compassion. It is like the cosmic battery charger for love and compassion. Tree of Life emanates the vibration of “There is nothing only Divine”.

How to Go There

Enter the diamond communication portal and state your intention to access the healing energy of the Tree of Life. The love and compassion of Tree of Life is accessed for healing and emitting divine healing energy.

How to Use It

Individuals who combine Tree of Life’s love and compassion with their own love and compassion gain greater insight and improve their divine wisdom and knowledge.

  • Start your meditation
  • Go to Tree of Life energetic state
  • Request access to divine love and compassion for healing of self, others and earth
  • Live, love, play, work and sleep in the Tree of Life energetic state

Journey to Tree of Life Audio

Listen to and practice this self-healing technique and guided meditation.

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