Set Your Intention

You and your intention are powerful beyond your imagination and play a major role in what is or lack of. There is a spectrum of vibrations that you move up and down on. Higher vibrations are lighter and require less energy to flow in once you are there like love, joy, peace and compassion. Lower vibrations are heavier and require much more energy like hate, anger, war, selfishness to maintain.

You have the Free Will and Power of Choice to choose the higher or lower vibrational states. Human beings choose where they are along this spectrum at any given moment. When you find yourself at a low vibrational state, you can set your intention to move up the spectrum, choose to let go of heavy energy, and move into a more positive state. It is as easy as “I set my intention to be happy” as you can always choose TO BE happy. When in doubt, choose happiness.You can access higher energies easily. Healing energies are being made available to humans. The healing energies are accessible through self-healing and distance-healing classes we are sharing. If you are not registered or experienced with our classes, for now, simply set your intention to be in the state that you wish to be – from the heart. Some examples are:Looking for health and healing? Try "I set my intention to live a healthy life”.Are you looking for romantic love? Try “I set my intention to be in love with life itself”.Are you looking for work and financial support? Try “I set my intention to be in abundance”.The wording does NOT matter as much as whether you are asking from a state of love or fear. When you focus on what is, you surrender, come to peace with it, and open the door for what you wish to receive with setting of your intention out of love.When you are thinking, hearing, talking, and spreading with lack, then you are asking and flowing out of fear. What you experience is then more lack as your intention is on what you wish to avoid.  

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