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Rod Pezeshki

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Rod Pezeshki writes "I successfully finished my medical board exams by overcoming many personal challenges throughout these years. This goal has led me to my inner calling and purpose in life. I intend to love, to heal, and to inspire myself and others in order to raise the collective cosmic consciousness. I’ve been sharing this intention and vision on Facebook for the past three years, writing my status updates daily after meditation. This later became the title of my first book that was published in April of 2011. Currently, I’m working on publishing my second book called “The Loving Light Within”.

Living a purposeful life with passion is my goal in life. I turned my life around when I started looking within for solutions, rather than looking outwards. My life turned around when I began to understand that I am more, I deserve to treat myself better, and that I am good enough. I changed my habits, and chose better habits. As I changed from within, I realized that my circumstances changed from without. The more I became detached from my Ego, the more I felt oneness with the universe. I am a promoter of peace and positive energy. My purpose in life is to serve others, through my career, or through the smallest deeds.

To quote Lao Tzu, “Great acts are made up of small deeds". I believe that our creator has intended for us to give , to share , to love, and to be great role models and excellent human beings. We have great responsibilities, and I believe that in our generation we have to be proactive. Realizing the world around us is nothing more or nothing less than the reflection of what we have become from within. Thus, we must become the very things we choose to experience in our life…peace, abundance, success, healing, purpose, compassion, and above all LOVE!

My goal is to spread this message: Live a Purposeful Life with Passion!

Eamen Hameed interviews Rod on his background, experience, knowledge, teachings, meditations and recommendations in life.

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Rod Pezeshki

Rod Pezeshki's The Loving Light Within

Come, come, whoever you are.  Wanderer, denier, worshipper.  Our way is not one of seperation and dispair.  Come, and come yet again.