Ostad Parvarandeh

Ostad Hadi ParvarandehI was just at the age of 15 or 16, when a neighbor came to me and asked me to go along with her to a hospital to visit a patient. I thought this request to accompany her was for some kind of protection along the way. We went to the hospital and we visited with the patient and we came back. After two days she came again and asked me to go visit the patient. I went along with her to the same hospital and we visited the patient and we came back. After a few days, again she came and said let’s go to the hospital. I refused and I said that I wouldn’t go. I said there is no reason that I should go to that hospital and visit the patient, because she is not a member of my family; she is not a friend of mine; and I do not know her. What is the reason and why should I go there? The neighbor told me that “Because every time you went to the hospital to visit the patient, she felt better and she is asking me to take you to visit her.” This was my first healing experience, without being aware of it.

After a little while from this hospital visit, my grandmother came to see us. She was old and she was always suffering from a chronic pain that at times made her weep. So, I touched her and immediately thereafter she told me “I am alright now!” Up to that time, I did not know what has happened. Sometimes when I was talking with friends or a member of my family over telephone, they told me that they felt very well; while before talking to me they did not feel well. Even at such times I did not know what was happening.  

I made a trip to the city of Isfahan after my high school graduation. I went to the Chahar Bagh (Four Gardens) Mosque and saw a seminary student who could not walk very well. I asked him “What is the matter with you?” He answered, “I have a backbone problem.” I touched his backbone and immediately thereafter he told me “Oh, I have no pain and I am feeling very well.” It was at that time that I was made aware that there is something in me, or in my mind that makes me to be helpful to people. Gradually, I had the same experience with other people or individuals who told me that they had no pain after I touched them. So, I started healing people from that time and accepted many patients. 

Following high school, I started studying at the Tehran University. My major was French Literature, with a minor in English.

I initially started my quest with hypnosis at the age of 18 or 19. I started practicing the steps of hypnosis to further increase my ability in this area. I found some of my abilities by accident. At the time my younger sister was about 8 to 9 years old. One day, she was sitting in front of me talking and looking at me. I looked into her eyes and told her to sleep. She suddenly fell asleep. I figured she is a young kid and it is common for youngsters to fall asleep that fast. Couple of hours passed by and she was still asleep, so I called her, touched her shoulder and said wake up; so she woke up. This repeated a few times and each time I figured this is quite normal. Until I finally realized that I have a certain ability that enabled me to do this repeatedly. I did some research and found out about hypnosis. After learning hypnosis techniques, I decided to use my sister to see if I could receive some information from long distances. Surprisingly, I realized that she was able to give me information from any person and any incident. For instance, a distant living relative was a bit crazy and he took off from his house and got lost. I decided to find him, so I hypnotized my sister and started asking her about that crazy relative’s where about. She told me the exact route he took and I discovered his location. Another time some relatives came to visit us in Isfahan, the city that I used to live in with my parents at the time. Couple of years later I met them again. I asked them if they wanted me to tell them the route they took back on the previous trip and where they went after they had left us. They said tell us if you are able to. So, I hypnotized my sister and started asking her questions about my relatives’ return trip home and she was able to tell us exactly the events that occurred for them. Some of the events that my sister could tell were in detail. For example, she said at one time our relatives reached a three-way junction and they were debating whether they should head straight home or visit another city before returning home. They finally decided to visit the other city prior to going back home. As my sister was describing the details of the trip, my relatives were confirming them. I did many more experiments with hypnosis and used my sister as a medium. When I realized that distance is irrelevant for the medium and that she was able to go to any time and any place, I started traveling to space. I would ask her to go to the moon. As soon as I asked her to travel, her head would move and she would say “I am there.” For the first time when she went to the moon, she told me that the air is uncomfortable and she could not breadth. So, I told her not to worry and continue breathing. She was able to give me certain information about the weather and geological conditions about 20 years prior to the first astronaut stepping on the moon. I also sent her to many other planets within the solar system and outside the solar system. According to my sister, in the solar system there is no other intelligent being except for us. However, outside of the solar system and in other galaxies there are other intelligent beings that she had seen and she told me about some of their behaviors and way of life. After playing around with this ability I eventually lost interest and realized that it is not what I like to pursue any further.  

Ostad Hadi ParvarandehLater on I started performing certain exercises with the moon since it has its own energy. After a while I realized that I am able to attract people’s attention toward myself. If I stared at them and focused on getting their attention from their back or away from their direct sight, they would turn towards me. One night at a restaurant I was sitting with a friend at a table and talking about this subject. To prove my point I told him to watch me as I am going to get all the people in the restaurant to turn their heads towards me. I focused on the issue and all of a sudden everybody’s head was turned towards me. Another incident occurred with my neighbor. My neighbor was into raising and training pigeons. A wild and strong cat in the neighborhood used to attack his pigeons and had killed a few of them. My neighbor was very upset with the cat and had already lost a lot of money over losing his expensive pigeons. I promised him to catch the cat if he promised me not to hurt or kill the cat, and only take him away to another place and drop him off. One day I noticed, the cat was on top of a tree. I called him. As soon as he looked at me he urinated and fell off the tree in front of me. I picked him up, put him in a cat box and handed him to my neighbor and reminded him of his promise not to hurt the cat. My neighbor took the cat far away and released him.

So, I started thinking and wondering again to figure out how I like to pursue this ability of mine that I was learning about. I decided to pursue medicine and figure out how I could cure incurable diseases. So, I decided to contact some of the famous physicians from the past such as Hippocrates, Aristotle, and Seeboyeh through my medium to find out the sources and causes of some of the unknown diseases. I contacted Hippocrates and asked about some of the unknown diseases such as the medication for cancer. I received negative answers. He told me “I don’t know.” My second question was that people say he knows the answer! His response was “People are misleading you. How would I know the proper medication for cancer?” He asked me “Where did you hear this?” I tricked him and said that I have read it in books. He responded, "Even if it is written in the books, it is nonsense. I have no idea about the cure or medication for cancer." I was always interested to find a way or a method to cure cancer ever since I was young. With the help of God and his kindness, after many years I learned the cause of some of the cancers and how one can cure them. I followed my intuition and I was successful in treating some of the cancers. The records of some of these treated cancer patients are available. After many years of hard work, study, and maintaining my attention to God, slowly certain channels and gateways started opening to me. 

Maintaining my continuous attention to God and as a result of those opened channels and continuing my practices and prayers; I was slowly able to contact the Divine Computer. This Divine Computer, which is the source of unlimited pool of knowledge, gives me the information I need to find the cause of diseases. 

When I went to Tehran University, my activities in this field were a little less. After graduation, I joined the Ministry of Education and became the advisor to the education development section of the Point 4 (Marshal Plan) in Iran. I met my wife to be at the Iranian-American Cultural Center and got married in 1958. My first son was born in 1960 and my second son in 1971. After completion of my work with the Ministry of Education, I continued my studies in French Literature at Strasbourg University in France. I joined the Ministry of Fine Arts in 1962 and was assigned as the Cultural Attaché to the Iranian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. This is where I completed my Doctorate in French Literature. My last position before retiring in 1978 was Iran’s Cultural Attaché to Turkey, Greece, and Bulgaria. I had no healing activities away from Iran. After coming back to Iran, again I began to do my healing practice. 

In the beginning when I started treating people and openly accepted patients, doctors were against my practice. Especially, doctors of the patients who were coming to me with some kind of incurable disease. Some of the more open minded physicians who were not brain washed by thinking that only medical science can help patients, and who were willing to learn more, started coming to me. Majority of them, when they saw progress in their patients became curious about the methodology and some of them wanted to learn this technique for the benefit of humankind and their patients. Some of these doctors were willing to admit to the changes they observed in their patients’ progress from Divine Energy Healing. They recorded their observations and recognized the technique as science. They started acknowledging the Divine Energy Healing as a treatment with good reproducible results on many incurable diseases. 

My wife and I moved to the United States in 1995 to visit my sons and grandchildren. While in the USA, my aim was for the American medical and scientific communities to conduct research on my abilities and learn from my knowledge of medicine. 

I joined Subtle Energies, Consciousness Research and Applied (SECRA) Institute in Torrance, California. Two seminars were held with participation of physicians who worked with me to overcome the difficult ailments of their patients. Their case studies were presented at UCLA seminar on November 16, 1995 and at Santa Monica seminar on January 23, 1996. The correspondence from some of the physicians and institutions that worked with me were published by SECRA Institute.

Courtesy of: http://www.ostadhp.org


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