Opening the Heart

So welcome everybody. We’re starting first with the East. We’re welcoming the guides, guardians, angels, masters of the East. We welcome the element of air and we welcome the winged ones. We ask that the element of air and the winged creatures teach us about rising above—seeing our problems from a higher perspective so be it. Moving to the South ...

Guidance on: 

Choices, Continuous Maintenance, Divine Eye, Gaining through Giving, Intention and Attention, Limitless Energetic, Interconnectedness, Peace in Your Heart, Quality Control, Spiritual Intention, Symbolic Presents, Three Point System

Guidance by: 

  • Black Elk
  • Fatima
  • Henry Crow Dog
  • Langear
  • Many Lives
  • Mary Magdalen
  • Master Quan
  • Moses
  • Mother Mary
  • Ostad Parvarandeh
  • Quan Yin
  • Rabiya
  • Rumi
  • Shams
  • Solomon
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