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Hope you are having fun flowing in the Divine River of love, joy, peace, and compassion.

Do you need to improve your health, wealth, and wellness?  

healingPAQ invites you to a Thirty (30) Minute 1-on-1 Energy Healing Session, by phone (no driving), valued at 50 USD, and FREE of charge to you. Scheduling your healing session is easy.

One Love, One Heart, Lets Get Together and

One Love Wishing us ONE LOVE, ONE HEART ... 

Fridays are excellent days to get together and feel alright.




Where is my mind right now

Creative Mind & Mode

Where am I

Your brain & body at sleep-time

Have a hard time sleeping at night? Give up electronics at bed time, let your body rest, and cleanse. Dr. Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, lays out ...

A new spring

Spring 2015 just started. What are your plans for this season and year of fresh & new growth? 

Ask for What You Want

Tell your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers, and the universe know what you need with calm, love, joy, peace, compassion, and a smile.

Life & universe operate like a restaurant. If you do not put in an order, the server will go away asking you to let her/him know when you are ready. If you do order, but without care or respect, you may just get a few "hidden surprises" along with your order. Order often, order a lot, order with ease and a smile.


“Here is a new spiritual practice for you: don't take your thoughts too seriously.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Your Individual Connection

Good morning everyone. This is Amean and this is our special session on expansion or talking to the divine at what they have for us today. In this session, we cover talking about the ascended masters and archangels and they actually talk about themselves and let you know vibrations need to be today. Today is also done by our dear friend, Dinah. Welcome Dinah I appreciate it ...

Power of Joy

Okay, everybody welcome. So I'm... I believe that since this it the second level class that everyone has probably been through a channeling session already so I won't go through the whole explanation of what it is and how it happens and all that because I'm guessing that most everybody knows. So what we'll do today is just go into the channeling portion and see what the masters have to say and then depending on ...

Challenges of Physical Beings

Good morning everyone. Welcome to HealingPAQ initiation class started January 2009, the eighth session. This session we call it expansion and it's a channeling session that Dinah does on behalf of HealingPAQ and she's our communicator with Divine, and I welcome Dinah ...


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