Distance-Healing Class

Buy the distance healing class to learn, and practice healing yourself, others and living earth. 

Three semeters per year in Winter, Spring, and Fall.


Healing Product Kit


 The September Back to Life special package offers a discount of over 53% and includes:

Price: $149.00

One on One Sessions

One on One Sessions address YOU as a WHOLE PERSON: Mind, Emotions, Body and Spirit


Self-Healing Class

Buy the self-healing class to practice, and learn to heal yourself.

Three semeters per year in Winter, Spring, and Fall.

Class offered Sundays 8-10am PST (Other Time Zones).

9 sessions by telephone join us from anywhere for Spring, Fall, and Winter semesters.

Audio recorded(you never miss a class).


Newsletter 1: June 25, 2013: One Love - One Heart

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So amazing is the breath of LIFE! 

The breath is the Fire of the Living Word. 

The Sword of Wisdom. 

That cuts through all affliction and suffering. 

Revealing the infinite space of our empty nature. 

Free from all concepts. 

Ever endowed with the Blazing Light of LOVE!


Home - Energy Healing

You can help heal yourself and others when you set your intention to do so, learn and practice the foundations, and enjoy the journey. It's easy, fun, and available to everyone. The intention of site is to teach the art and science of self healing, distance healing and healing of living earth globally using love, joy, peace, and compassion through a person's unique connection to divine.


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