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As you identify

"As you identify the thing that you want and you achieve vibrational harmony with it, by Law of Attraction you summon the Energy through you, and that is what life is.

When someone stops desiring, Life Force no longer flows through them, and then they re-emerge into the Nonphysical where you have all kinds of goals and intentions." ---Abraham

Key is "achieve vibrational harmony with it":

My best friend

Are you a best friend to you? 

A solid YES answer, is my wish for you.

Joy is Our Compass

Old and new habits

What is YOUR best way to change an old habit? 

Do you remember anything that you were doing different say last month or last year!

How did you go about it or how did it come to be?

Want to improve your day & life real fast?

improve your mood and attitude real fast

Step 1) Decide to enjoy your day/life & do everything with love & joy.

Step 2) Do 10 push ups or sit ups or ... whenever you fail.


Either your mood & attitude improves today or you'll have a better body in no time! Boy, my arms hurt today ;).


Happy New Week.

Memories & Memorials

Stand up

Stand up"Don't forget your history — it will be a rich resource for you now. You'll solve today's problem by asking a few key questions: When did you face a similar situation? What did you do? What worked, and what didn't?" ~Holiday Mathis

Physical body wellness & lifestyle

Eating better, losing fat, improving the health of your physical and/or emotional bodies are easier than most people make it to be. There are help, possible strategies, life style changes, nutritional meal plans, ... free or for fee! 

What are your goals? Email wellness@healingpaq.org with what you want to do for info/assistance.


Reviews & results - Thank you RoyaP

Check out this 5 Star review by RoyaP: I survived the darkest and most painful period of my life after the tragic loss of my husband to a car accident over a year ago. I was suicidal, and... Read more at http://greatnonprofits.org/users/profile/323161. 

What are you experiencing with healingPAQ?

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