Marilyn Kapp

marilyn-kappMarilyn is a Spiritual Medium for Channeling & Healing. Marilyn believes and practices spiritual communication to provide awareness of the ongoing relationships we share with our loved ones.

Life does not end with physical passing; love continues. Our loved ones stay current and concerned with our life situations and emotional well-being. While we cherish our memories, we rejoice in the knowledge that we are never truly separated from those we love. This truth helps us to release grief, embrace healing and reaffirm our commitment to life, the people around us and all the world has to offer.

Marilyn periodically joins with Amean or Eamen Hameed of combining channeling and healing energies to heal hearts and minds. Click here to listen to their radio shows and experience the synergy of their energies.


  • Sessions are conducted by telephone or, in person, in West Hollywood or Carlsbad, California.
  • The fee per session is 500 USD and a recording of the session is included.
  • Appointments can be scheduled by telephoning Marilyn at 760-602-0228 or emailing her at
  • Mail checks to Marilyn Kapp, P.O. Box 131776, Carlsbad, CA 92013 or PayPal to

About Marilyn

Spiritual communication provides the ability and strength to those grieving or coping with a loss, to go forward with their lives with a new perspective. Sessions are conducted with people from all walks of life, individually, and in small family groups. Marilyn has also shared her gift with larger groups speaking to high school classes and in seminars.

Sessions often begin with specific channeled information from loved ones providing corroboration and a reference point. A true dialogue follows during which many questions are answered. Although the goal is not to provide psychic insight to your future, the spiritual entities will often give guidance and health advice. They relate messages for others and provide solutions to problems with a perspective that is broad and knowledgeable.

Many psychologists have recommended sessions to facilitate reconciliation and to unlock and resolve childhood trauma. Marilyn provides insight on how to be aware of the ongoing communication that exists between you and your loved ones. This affords ample opportunity to address unresolved issues as well as the ability to move forward with the knowledge that love and understanding continue to grow.

Marilyn is continually grateful to be utilized for spiritual reunion and healing.


- Marilyn has channeled my grandma - and has always been right on about her. marilyn has also channeled my husband's father. we are believers in her gift. Bif & Marty Abrams

- A reading with Marilyn Kapp is a wonderous experience. It has been about six months since my session and I play my tape whenever I need a boost (which is a lot!). Marilyn is the most gifted and giving living Medium that I have experienced, and I think that I have experienced the best of the best. It is so wonderful to be part of such a spiritually based look....into your life. We all wonder if we are living the life we are meant to, and if we are making the best of it ~ while we 'learn our lessons.' Marilyn helps her clients see, really see. The messages from our departed loved ones add so much - SO MUCH! - to the experience. They are of such a nature that there is no doubt about the reality of what is happening. Marilyn brings so much clarity to your life, that you leave....feeling like someone special has poured a light onto your path, and brightened your future and your heart. God Bless Marilyn Kapp! Love, Nancy

- I am part of a group of friends who has long been interested in Medium-ship. Some of us have a healthy open attitude, and others can only be described as being hard to impress. We have been to Mediums at the famous Lily Dale in New York, Chesterfield in Indiana, and we've tried most of the most of the Mediums that have become household names due to Television coverage. We've had readings with Sylvia Browne, Kevin Ryerson, and we've been in group sessions with Rosemary Altea, George Anderson, John Edwards, Kevin Ryerson, and Suzanne Northrup. We've been highly impressed by some and with others not so much. Every gift is different, but we must say for the record that we have been more deeply and thoroughly impressed by Marilyn Kapp than by anyone else. We know that comparisons are not always in order (because every gift truly IS different), but Marilyn's gift is highly developed and great indeed, and we believe that fame will follow. Add Marilyn's gift to a wonderful and dear personality, which shines throughout each reading, and all we can say is that Marilyn gives a priceless gift to every 'client' who comes her way. We have sent friends, relatives, and a few strangers to see Marilyn via our recommendations over the past two years, and everyone comes back to tell their own unique story of having crossed time and space for a reunion with loved ones that is so specifically wondrous and particularly evidential. Each one has reported that their Faith and Hope has been affirmed and deepened. What a gift! Blessings to you Marilyn. Love and grateful thanks from all of your clients in Southeast.

- As someone who has had two ( so far ! ) readings with Marilyn Kapp, all I can say is WOW. A big WOW. When people say, "she told me something that only I knew" is made ever the more evidential that this something was not even something that I was - or have recently - even thought about. It was just the thing that proves, really proves, that this is not mind reading or soul reading or heart reading (although any of those would be amazing too!). THIS is really communicating with our departed loved ones. The information that comes through is so real and so specific and so special....that you cannot even explain it adequately to anyone who has not had the experience. I have read all the books that are NY Times best sellers on Communications from Heaven....and all I have to say is that I cannot wait to read Marilyn's book. We'll be lined up at the bookstores the night before it's release. Look out Harry Potter! The world is waiting for Marilyn Kapp to teach us all that she must know about Life and Death and the Hereafter. Please PLEASE write that book.

When I came to Marilyn for my reading, I was in the grip of very deep grief over a loss of my son. Time had passed since his death, but I was not doing a very good job at living. I how hard it must be to be a Medium and have to bear up under the weight of grieving parents. But what should happen? My child came through Marilyn and was so very him that he could be no one else. Not a vague similarity, but very very specifically HIM in so many special ways....that I thought "he hasn't changed since he died. He is still my wonderfully sensitive and funny inventive child" My wonderful child came through Marilyn for two hours, and what did he do? He made me laugh! This, my friend, is a miracle. A miracle named Marilyn Kapp. She brought this one mother Peace, real Peace, and I pray that the Good Lord will bless Marilyn for all the good she is doing in the world. My world is vastly changed now that I know the reality of heaven, and that my son will be just the son I have loved always - when my time comes to join him. In the meantime, I am promising myself and my son that I will use the time I have left to serve the good of all that I meet, so that I too might be worthy of the rewards of heaven. All this becomes so real when you experience Marilyn Kapp. Life may be a mystery that hurts sometimes, and sometimes it hurts too much. But there is Joy at the very heart of those mysteries, and grief is in fact love. But no one we love ever really dies. What gifts God gives us. Love beyond Life. Thank you Marilyn. Dear Sweet Marilyn! Thank you so much.

- How do you thank someone for giving you back your life? I have felt that my life was taken away from me through a tragic accident, and two years of therapy had not made much headway with me. Two hours with Marilyn healed me in places that I thought were hopeless dead spaces in my heart. Because now I know how real heaven is, and I want to live a life that will be greeted with a "well done" when I too cross over on that journey that we take one by one. So I must get on with it, and love well and love every soul I meet along the way. It won't be easy, but I know now, really know, and I shall be eternally grateful to Marilyn Kapp.

- This lady is a marvel. I have been trying to figure out how to write a thanks for my reading, and to somehow explain it to people who will follow me by finding this website, and who might want to hear about other people's experiences. It is just too personal, and too hard to explain everything about the love that I lost to death, and how so many little tiny things that Marilyn brought, validated that she was in contact with my husband. I love how Marilyn says that a person is "out" or "in" meaning in this life or in the next, rather than saying they are dead. Because it is true. You EXPERIENCE that in her reading. It was as if my husband was "out" of the room, but not far away at all, and yet! he was very much in the room. He lives and I know that he is with me, and still involved in the details of my existence here in the living. Some of the things Marilyn said were not even in my mind (so I know this wasn't mind reading), things I have barely thought about, and only I knew. Her bringing messages about little things that I had done to honor my husband, little things that no one else think that my husband was THERE with me, and that he acknowledged them through Marilyn. What a wonderful gift from G-d, this Marilyn Kapp!

- Thank you Marilyn for having channeled our son, Tito. Many questions were answered and lots of weight taken off our hearts because of you. May God always bless you, and keep you safe. You are so fortunate to have such a gift, and you give great comfort to those who hear you. Thank you!! Many, many times. Words are not enough to show our appreciation.


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