Living Earth Energy Chakra System

Living Earth Energy Chakra System

The living Earth, our home in this physical life, has an Energy Chakras System which helps us experience a sense of oneness with other beings living on earth. This chakra system has 3 energetic categories: 

    • Heart and Soul
    • Ego and Survival
    • Intelligence and Advancement

The Heart and Soul energetic category elements are earth, air, fire, and water. 

The Ego and Survival category contains plant kingdom, animal kingdom, water mass and life in water. 

And Intelligence and Advancement category holds weather, communication, and balance of life in it. 

Sit back, watch, enjoy the music, scenery and meditate with this video. Ask for healing energy for yourself and all beings living on earth from the bottom of your heart. Have fun with this video and share with your loved ones.

We cover and teach the above in our online distance-healing class.

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