Higher Intentions

Hello this is Amean.  Welcome to the 8th session of spring 2008 Initiation Class.  This is a very special class very close to my heart.  One of the reasons is because we’re going to do a live expansion or channeling and that’s done by our dear partner Dinah who has been one of the, you know, main assets in a lot of the information that you have heard in the previous seven sessions of the class, and she’s our communicator with the divine and that’s her expertise.  We all may have ...

Guidance on: 

Awareness of How You Define Yourself, Ego and Intellect Purpose in Our Life, How Do I Control my Thought and Emotion during Meditation? Relation between Our Thought and Disease

Guidance by: 

  • Baal Ha-Sulam
  • Jesus Christ (Sananda)
  • Mary Magdalen
  • Master Quan
  • Mother Mary
  • Ostad Parvarandeh
  • Prophet Mohammed
  • Quan Yin
  • Rumi
  • Shams
  • Shiva
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