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  • Every Friday 5:00 to 6:00pm - Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • Listen on the internet at http://loaradionetwork.com/amean-hameed.html
  • Listen or share during the live shows at 347-202-0886

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HealingPAQ - teaching the art of self healing, distance healing and healing of living earth globally using love, joy, peace and compassion through a personís unique connection to divine.

Listen to a weekly radio show on Law Of Attraction radio network to explore and experience divine healing energy. Ask questions on self healing, distance healing and global healing; share & experience the sensation of divine energy healing from a distance; explore and learn about Earth-Humanity energy systems & relationships.

Receive highly energized Divine energy transmissions to heal your heart and mind with power of prayer. Be sure to have water next to you to receive the energy as well. The guided meditation will help open your heart to receive the joy and abundance of life. You can receive the energy through the archived shows since the energy remains on every broadcast.

Globally, every person on earth:

  • can transform life challenges into success stories
  • has a unique connection to divine through the heart
  • is able to live in a state of love, joy, peace and compassion at all times
  • can learn to heal themselves (self healing), heal others and living earth (distance healing)

Outline and Agenda:

  • Receive Divine energy - 20 minutes
  • Teachings and purpose of Earth-Humanity Global Healing project - 20 minutes
  • Question and answer - 20 minutes

Everyone is welcomed

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