Energy Follows Intention

Well, as has been the tradition in each of these classes Ostad always starts by bowing and thanking everybody for taking the time, taking the time to be present, taking the time to carve out a place for Divine within your life.

Know that when you take the time to carve out space in your day for Divine, that space will always be full. It is our guarantee that any time you make that space, anytime you create that opening for Divine, all you have to do is create the opening and Divine will ...

Guidance on: 

Does Grief Close Your Heart? Is Grief a Misinterpretation? Journey of the Heart, Joy, The Challenge of Physical Life

Guidance by: 

  • Baal Ha-Sulam
  • Fatima
  • Jesus Christ (Sananda)
  • Many Lives
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Master Quan
  • Moses
  • Mother Mary
  • Ostad Parvarandeh
  • Prophet Mohammed
  • Rabiya
  • Rumi
  • Solomon
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