Eamen Hameed

eamen-hameedWho are you? 

Starting with the simplest answer Eamen responds, “I am. I am Eamen (pronounced: e-men; meaning safe and secure). I am a person, a man, a server with a big heart, an eternal optimist, a helper to loved-ones in need, a gentle soul who knows how to bring and share a smile, a persistent follower of causes I believe in, a fighter, a survivor, and last but certainly not least a lover”.

Born into a family of five, the youngest of three children, Eamen moved to San Diego, CA in late 1970s and completed his formal education in Engineering and Computer Sciences; an unusual combination for that time. His career started with a fortune 500 corporation and he later moved into consulting where he served a variety of industries including the health and wellness industry.

Eamen’s exposure and training in meta-physics started back in the 1980s with encouragement from his brother and teacher Amean. Based on simple curiosity at the time, his interest reached a milestone point in the 1990s at the death of their good father and has grown and evolved over the years.

Eamen completed formal studies as a life coach and quickly realized and experienced there is absolutely nothing formal about life or living. He learned individuals are unique in being and as such have a different and distinct connection to life and living. His metaphysical education consists of studies in Qi-Gong, Tai Chi, Buddhism, Sufism, Christian Meditation and New Age practices. He’s an eternal student and teacher on a self-healing spiritual journey.

Mid 2000s, his brother Amean asked if he would help him create a non-profit organization to teach and spread the art and science of energy healing and connecting to Divine. Divine guidance encouraged Eamen to accept and instantly healingPAQ was birthed. He believes Divine and life have a sense of humor in getting our attention to what we need in life. Sometimes Divine simply shows us what we don’t need and through the process of elimination guides us toward what we do need. When he was approached to help start healingPAQ, Eamen was at a point in life when the old practices and patterns were no longer satisfying. He had basically reached a “been there, done that” place which helped him recognize his need for change and next focus in life. This opportunity felt challenging as there were many unknowns about it. His challenge was to come to peace with and welcome the unknown. He believes it is our birth right to be successful at what we choose to do when we play from the heart, enjoy the experience instead of focusing on the end result only, and share our joy and gift of living.


  • Practitioner, presenter, instructor, trainer and coach
  • Radio host and broadcaster, energy healing examiner, writer and publisher
  • Planner, presenter and teacher in local and online seminars, workshops and events
  • Health and wellness speaker and lecturer - Mexico 2009 and Malaysia 2010
  • Social media and digital media manager, marketer and promoter
  • Director, analyst, manager; fundraiser and volunteer in health, healing, cultural, and personal development industries

Communities Served

  • HealingPAQ practitioner, teacher, social architect, user engagement strategist
  • Health and investigative radio talk show host at BlogTalkRadio.com
  • San Diego Energy Healing examiner and reporter at examiner.com
  • American Cancer Society
  • Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego
  • Persian Cultural Center past director and organizer
  • Scripps Memorial Hospital Cancer Center past volunteer and fund raiser
  • Mehregan Cultural Foundation of San Diego

Benefits of Self-Healing with Eamen

Self-healing and living start within. Everyone is unique and as such has a different way of approaching and handling life. Recognizing, trusting and depending on self and the process of self-healing and self-improving are greatly accelerated when we have loving and trusted guides in life that not only use Divine knowledge but teach it.

Eamen prides himself on being able to present seemingly complex topics simple enough for people at any level of their living and healing journey; teaching foundations of health and wellness; integrating meditation into daily living; learning and evolving from challenging events; and living life with love, joy, peace and compassion.

  • Heal your physical body, thought body, and emotional body
  • Evolve your awareness, thoughts, speech and deeds
  • Awaken your heart to Divine Energy, Heart & Intelligence using breath and thought foundations
  • Leverage love, joy, peace and compassion into your daily life

Transform your HEALTH! Transform YOU!


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