City of Light

Buy the Journey to City of Light AudioThe City of light is an energetic site within the universe. We may enter the city of light only when we are cleansed, invited and escorted by the energetic beings who are the residents of the city. Residents of the city of light do energetic work and their company helps clear our energetic baggage and progress in our path.

The goals of the residents of the city of light are multi-level. First, they are dedicated to healing. The whole domain of the city is about service. Anyone wishing to do healing work can call on the residents and the energy of the city. The residents will assist in the energy healing when the requestor has cleansed her/himself on the Emerald Mountain and is ready.

Second, when we wish to ascend to a higher vibrational state, the residents will work with us to help get rid of unnecessary layers of our energetic density. The city will be open to individuals as they go to the emerald mountain and cleanse themselves from ego and arrogance.

If we choose to go to the city before we are invited, not many energetic pathways and doors will open for us. It is like when a person drops in without an invitation. They will only receive minimal hospitality and welcome. Patience, manners and gratitude are necessary when visiting this realm.

When we are ready to visit the city, we will be invited into the energetic sites and states that exist in this city.

How to Go There

Divine recommends for us to enter the Diamond and then request access to the city of light when we are invited. Once here, state your intent to access the energy and knowledge available.

How to Use It

  • Go to the city of light when you meditate when permission is granted
  • Dance and play in the City of Light when permission granted
  • Ask for assistance from residents of the city for healing self, others, and living Earth
  • Sleep in the city of light energetic state once permission is granted

Journey to City of Light Audio

Coming Soon: Listen to and practice this self-healing technique and guided meditation.

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