Our self-healing and distance-healing classes include channeling sessions. We have been channeling since 2006. The material shared below is meant to help our students and general public interested in healing of their physical, emotional, thought, and energetic bodies to benefit from it. This information is most useful with daily practice and awareness. The key is to integrate the suggestions and recommendations channeled into everyday life and allow it to become second nature.

Ascended Masters from various philosophical, religious and intellectual backgrounds and Archangels Chamuel, Gabriel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Zadkiel are present and wanting to cooperate and collaborate to provide this information under the auspicious authority of Divine love, joy, peace and compassion. They use Divine intelligence and knowledge to communicate with us for the benefit of humanity, beings on the Earth, and all entities throughout universes. We will continue to extend this section and publish the transmitted material.

With special thanks to Erin Dee Tooley for her amazing & high quality work in transcripting our channeling audio files into text.

Under Construction: Audio Files Coming Soon

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PDF icon Challenges of Physical Beings.pdf

Communicating with Higher Self, Do Spirits Always Tell You the Truth? Healing Energy for Deceased Ones, Healing Energy for Our Past Lives, Joy is Our Compass, Love, Joy, and Compassion are Triplets, Recharging Ourselves from a Healthy Perspective, Squeaky Wheels Get Our Immediate Attention

attention, Black Elk, Chief Seattle, communicating, compass, compassion, dead, deceased, energy, Fatima, healing, healthy, Henry Crowdog, higher self, immediate, joy, Lao-Tzu, love, Mary Magdalen, Master Quan, Mother Mary, Ostad Parvarandeh, past life, peace, perspective, Prophet Mohammed, Quan Yin, Rabiya, recharging, Rumi, Shams, spirit, Squeaky, tell, triplets, truth, wheel
PDF icon Eenergetic Signature.pdf

Concept of Change, Energy Responds to Dominant Vibration, Your Energetic Signature Matters

change, concept, dominant, energetic, energy, Jesus Christ (Sananda), Mary Magdalene, Master Quan, Mother Mary, Ostad Parvarandeh, Quan Yin, respond, response, Rumi, Saint Francis, Saint Germaine, Shams, signature, vibration
PDF icon Energetic Tools.pdf

Align Your Energy with Divine Energy, Heal the Heart, Human Creative Intention, Journey to Divine, Trust the Path Chosen From the Heart

align channel, chosen, creative, divine, energetic, Fatima, heal, heart, human, hurt, intention, Jesus Christ (Sananda), journey, Mary Magdalene, Master Quan, Mother Mary, oath, Ostad Parvarandeh, path, Prophet Mohammed, Quan Yin, Rabiya, Rumi, Shams tool, trust
PDF icon Energy Follows Intention.pdf

Does Grief Close Your Heart? Is Grief a Misinterpretation? Journey of the Heart, Joy, The Challenge of Physical Life

Baal Ha-Sulam, challenge, close, energy, Fatima, grief, heart, intention, Jesus Christ (Sananda), journey, joy, life, Many Lives, Mary Magdalene, Master Quan, misinterpretation, Moses, Mother Mary, Ostad Parvarandeh, physical, Prophet Mohammed, Rabiya, Rumi, Solomon
PDF icon Every Thought is a Signal.pdf

Accelerate Healing Others, Adopt Complimentary Choices, Balance and Movement is Encouraged, Courage and Discernment, Discernment has Morphed into Unhealthy Emotions, Life Affirming Choice, Mind / Body Connection, Patience, Trust and Focus, Righteous Judgment

100, accelerate, adopt, affirm, Baal HaSulam, balance, body, choice, compliment, connection, courage, discernment, emotion, encourage, Fatima, focus, heal, hundred, Jesus Christ (Sananda), judgment, Lao-Tzu, life, Many Lives, Mary Magdalene, Master Quan, mind, monkey, morph, Mother Mary, movement, Ostad Parvarandeh, patience, Prophet Mohammed, Quan Yin, Rabiya, right, Rumi, Shams, signal, Solomon, theory, thought, trust, unhealthy
PDF icon Healing and Health Spectrum.pdf

Calm the Mind to Divine Spark Within You, Love and Devotion

calm, devotion, divine, Fatima, love, Many Layers, Master Quan, mind, Mother Mary, Ostad Parvarandeh, Quan Yin, Rabia, Rumi, Shams, spark
PDF icon Higher Intentions.pdf

Awareness of How You Define Yourself, Ego and Intellect Purpose in Our Life, How Do I Control my Thought and Emotion during Meditation? Relation between Our Thought and Disease

awareness, Baal Ha-Sulam, control, define, disease, Ego, emotion, encouragement, higher intention, how, intellect, Jesus Christ (Sananda), life, Mary Magdalene, Master Quan, meditation, Mother Mary, Ostad Parvarandeh, Prophet Mohammed, purpose, Quan Yin, relation, Rumi, setting up, Shams, Shiva, thought
PDF icon Intention.pdf

Compartmentalize Spirituality, Disabled Children, Emotional Spectrum, Healing the Earth, Meeting of Rumi and Shams, Relationship with God, Spiral Process, Stay Open, Stem Cell Research, Temple of Knowledge, Temple of Masters, Vibrational Spectrum


children, compartmentalize, disable, earth, emotional, Fatima, god, healing, Jesus Christ (Sananda), knowledge, Lao-Tzu, Master Quan, masters, meeting, Mother Mary, open, Ostad Parvarandeh, process, Quan Yin, Rabiya, relationship, research, Rumi, Shams, spectrum, spiral, spirituality, stay, stem cell, temple, vibration
PDF icon Nourish Your Spirit.pdf

Make Time to Nourish your Spirit, The Eye

Lao-Tzu, Master Quan, nourish, Ostad Parvarandeh, Rumi, Saint Germaine, Shams, spirit, third eye, time
PDF icon Opening The Heart.pdf

Choices, Continuous Maintenance, Divine Eye, Gaining through Giving, Intention and Attention, Limitless Energetic, Interconnectedness, Peace in Your Heart, Quality Control, Spiritual Intention, Symbolic Presents, Three Point System

attention, Black Elk, choice, connected, continuous, control, divine eye, energetic, Fatima, gain, give, heart, Henry Crow Dog, intention, Langear, limitless, maintain, Many Lives, Mary Magdalene, Master Quan, Moses, Mother Mary, Ostad Parvarandeh, peace, present, quality, Quan Yin, Rabiya, Rumi, Shams, Solomon, spiritual, symbol, three point system
PDF icon Power of Joy.pdf

Applying Joy and Surrender into Our Daily Life, Black Light, Cultivate Discernment Within the Being, Power of Surrender and Allowing, Surrender and Purity of Intention, Working with Energy

allow, Black Elk, black light, Chief Seattle, cultivate, daily, discernment, energy, Fatima, Henry Crowdog, Jesus Christ (Sananda), joy, King David, Lao-Tzu, life, Mary Magdalene, Master Quan, Mother Mary, Ostad Parvarandeh, power, Prophet Mohammed, pure, Quan Yin, Rabiya, Rumi, surrender
PDF icon Trust and Connect.pdf

Create the Space, Faith, Human DNA is Changing, Stillness, Trust Develops as a Matter of Faith, Trust Divine and Connect to Divine

changing, connect, create, develop, divine, dna, faith, guided, human, Jesus Christ (Sananda), life, Mary Magdalene, Master Quan, meditation, Mother Mary, Ostad Parvarandeh, Prophet Mohammed, Quan Yin, Rumi, Shams, Shiva, space, stillness, tree, trust
PDF icon Your Individual Connection.pdf
  • Dominant Energetic Vibration,
  • Energy Impact of "Put a Pebble in Other People Shoe", 
  • Human Existence is About Elevation, 
  • Influence of our Energy on Children, 
  • Mindfulness Is the Key


children, dominant, elevate, energetic, energy, existence, human, impact, influence, Jesus Christ (Sananda), key, Mary Magdalene, Master Quan, mindful, Mother Mary, Ostad Parvarandeh, pebble, people, Prophet Mohammed, Quan Yin, Rumi, Shams, Shiva, shoe, vibration
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