What do you do when you wake up?

Morning Owl

Everything starts inside, including how we set our self up for each day ahead. Many have developed a habit of living a robotic auto-pilot day without really preparing or planning for the day ahead! Take a moment & ask yourself: 

  • Do I travel without first knowing where I am headed?
  • Do I buy or order food without first choosing what to eat?
  • Do I live my days without setting my objectives and intentions?
  • Am I letting others decide what "my" day will be like?


Here is a (slightly modified) list of suggested morning habits to improve the quality of your days, wellness, and creativity. The original list & explanations are at https://designschool.canva.com/blog/morning-rituals/ courtesy of good Anna Guerrero. Feel free to change & adapt this list to you, I did. Don't worry about doing it right & wrong ... try it, change it if/when you like, try again, and rinse & repeat until you feel you have got it.


Everything starts inside.

Trust you with it. 


- Create a routine and stick to it
- Plan your morning the night before
- Don’t Be in a Rush to Get Up
- Get up and move
- Make time to be mindful
- Find Time to Be Grateful
- Do Keep Drinking Coffee
- Reduce Your Morning Choices
- Be intentional about your choices for the day
- Stay Disconnected First Thing in the Morning
-Tell yourself what you want to work on & manifest



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