Relationships: Receiving vs. Struggling

A short & effective how-to video, watch more I practice, learn, & share; the more I learn one of the biggest challenges in having & not having is: RECEIVING. Most of us know very well how to fight for "it", but not to receive when it comes! Replace "money" with anything else you want, it works exactly the same. 


 We all ask for this & that, desire is extremely normal & human. Yet our internal resistances & excuses are plenty and stop us when everything is really there for taking:Rain

  • Too hard.
  • Doesn't work.
  • Don't have time.
  • Too expensive.
  • Don't have money.
  • Do not trust her/him/it.
  • My life/work...
  • It is raining/hot/cold...
  • My kids/husband/wife...
  • etc.


Practice to receive by starting with easy, i.e. someone says/does something:Ask
- Smile, 
- Take notice,
- Say thank you,
- Enjoy the gift, gesture, or kindness,
- Release the need to question/analyze/or dissect it.

Energy attracts like - enjoy it, spread it, and receive more of it.


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