Comedy Show, Beer, and Microsoft Windows

Comedy Show, Beer, and Microsoft Windows

Maz Jobrani held a comedy show in San Diego, CA last Thursday. I had a couple of free tickets and was there laughing you-know-my-what off with some friends. If you have never seen Maz on stage, plan to go sometime. He is funny.

I got thirsty mid-act and headed to the bar. As I awaited the bartender’s attention, a couple of old buddies showed up for drinks too and we started chatting. Before long, they bought some beers with great generosity and persistence and we all headed back to our seats.

“Where did you get that?” my friend asked. “Ran into some friend at the bar” I said. After the show, we decided to go for a snack. As we were headed down the street, the same friend asked “Life is good Eamen, ha? You get free tickets, free drinks … how come you get all this free-stuff”? He had a point. I smiled and thought “Thank God, it’s good to receive”.

The next morning, my office phone rang and a friendly Indian voice said “Hello Mr. Eamen, this is Sabby from Microsoft Technical Support. How are you doing this morning?” MS support and I had been making friends since the week before as my PC had been having issues and they were diligently trying to resolve it. “Good. How are you Sabby” I answered.  He asked I write down the order number for a FREE Windows 7 Premium 64-bit DVD they are sending me! I capitalize “FREE” as Sabby repeated it a few times to make sure I get it. “Thank God” I thought again.

My friend’s “how come you get all this free-stuff” question kept coming back. Yes, where this does all come from I wondered.

It clicked today. First it comes from noticing the good. I had NOT noticed my gifts until my friend pointed it out. Average folk like me has an unconscious tendency to notice & publicize the undesired - and ignore the desired - even when it happens! My friend helped make the unconscious – conscious - for me.

Second it comes from detaching from the outcome. A few years back, I asked “Mike, what is the #1 factor in being good in sales”? from a mentor. “Never make a rejection personal. Always remember that they are rejecting the idea, not you” Mike said.

What do a comedy show, a beer, and a copy of Microsoft Windows have in common?

Life. Life happens along the path we do not want. And we notice it, talk about it, and stress over it. That is all good as we are releasing.

And life happens in the direction we do want and have worked on. Let’s choose to notice that too. Let’s talk about that too and most importantly, appreciate and welcome more of the desired outcome too. When we are thankful for receiving, we are encouraging more it.

It is good to train, plan, execute and set actions in motion. It is essential, not easy, yet essential to detach from the outcome. Riding the peaks hard may be as problematic as getting tangled in the valleys of the waves of our lives. Life happens. All successes and failures, blessings and disasters have hidden gems and lessons in them.

We experience challenges to learn lessons and change what does not serve us. Yes, go ahead and look back. You will see how much you have grown ... when you choose to see it.

Eamen Hameed


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