Are you sure this works?

My friend: I want to get rid of my muffin-top. How did you do it?

eh: With eating better, playing more, & stressing less about it.

mf: I don't cook & have no patience for this eating healthy shit.

eh: Good, use the system, works great when I follow it.

mf: What system?

eh: Shakes, bars, snacks, energy drinks, chocolate, vitamins, minerals and a bunch of other jazz.

mf: Does it work?

eh: Didn’t you just ask how I lost my belly? It works ... when I eat the food, exercise, meditate, & have fun with it.

mf: I don't wanna exercise.

eh: Do you still play soccer?

mf: Yeah, Sat & Weds.

eh: Do you walk?

mf: Yeah.

eh: You do exercise. They have a bed time thing too. You eat it before go to sleep and your body releases fat during sleep. You sleep better, then you feel better, have more energy, and will do more.

mf: I don't like meditation either.

eh: Do you like pain & stress?

mf: No.

eh: Okay.

mf: I don't get it.

eh: Meditation is not what you do, it’s how you are. You asked how I diet. I don’t diet. I practice wellness with food, exercise, meditation, & having fun. Do you like feeling good, having fun & looking fit?

mf: Always.

eh: Good, try it then, you got nothing to lose except your fat.

mf: Are you sure this works?

Want to try it or ask qestions? 


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