Amean Hameed

amean-hameedAmean (pronounced: a-mean; meaning a person you can trust) is an information technology technical fellow at a major aerospace company and 

has been an active IT industry participant for almost three decades. Over the past twenty years, he has developed the ability to communicate with Divine intelligence and Ascended masters for healing oneself and others by opening the heart to divine love, joy, peace, and compassion. He has studied and practiced the art of distance healing integrating Sufism, Taoism, and the Chakra system. He has been healing people free of charge for the benefit of humanity from any distance for the last thirteen years. 

Divine intelligence and energy in collaboration with Ascended masters and Archangels have helped Amean to integrate the Divine healing techniques complimenting Western/Eastern medicine. He has been teaching the foundation of healing oneself, others, and the living earth both on a national and international level using teleconferencing. He is the co-founder of healingPAQ ( organization, a non-profit educational foundation rooted in Divine intelligence and healing energy. HealingPAQ promotes individual’s unique connection with the Divine through their heart. 


Divine Intelligence, Divine energy healing, Taoism, Sufism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism


Self-healing, Distance healing, Healing of Earth

Practice and Experience

Teacher February 2006 - Present

  • Teaching the foundation of self-healing and distance healing via teleconference sessions utilizing Divine energy
  • Teaching the foundation of Earth-Humanity energy system relationship and means of utilizing distance healing to balance such energetic system based on Divine energy
  • Integrating Taoism and Sufism philosophies into an integrated Divine spiritual healing practice
  • Integrating Eastern, Western medicine with Divine intelligence and Divine healing energy into a complete collaborative and cooperative method to heal humanity
  • Founded, a non-profit organization to promote Earth-Humanity global healing project worldwide
  • Developed the class curriculum, operational process and methods to simplify the concept of teaching Divine energy healing
  • Implemented methods to reduce the cost of learning using high technology such teleconferencing, web, and computer technologies
  • Developed techniques to improve the quality of learning through simple new age examples to teach spirituality and global healing
  • Eliminated cost of travel, class room environment, and improve the quality of time participants spend for learning anywhere anytime.

Distance Energy Healer October 1997 – Present

  • Identify cause and symptom of disease using full name, picture, via phone, or in person
  • Conduct distance healing for the benefit of humanity free of charge throughout various countries and states in the United States of America daily
  • Measure the progress of the patients through scientific methods and Western medical technology
  • Knowledgeable about Western physical anatomy and various causes of disease
  • Familiar with body Meridian Lines and Chinese energy body system

Sufi and Taoist Practitioner March 1996 - Present

  • Practicing distance healing and learning how to access Divine Intelligence and Divine healing energy through prayer, and Zikr
  • Developing techniques for circulating Zikr and prayer through body Meridian lines and strengthening the various body organs via proper practice
  • Developing further telepathic abilities to connect to Divine Intelligence and Divine healing energy through daily practice

Qigong Practitioner March 1988 - Present

  • Practicing medical Qigong (yin style) for self and others healing
  • Developing telepathic ability to learn Qigong from Master Quan who was a Taoist master living in China.
  • Learning Free form Qigong and further developing various styles of practice for energy circulation through the body Meridian lines.

Engineer and Scientist March 1981 - Present

  • Architecting Decision Support Systems for US Defense Industry


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